Yes, You Can Become an Author

Writing, Self-Publishing, and Marketing Your First Book

Have you always wanted to write a book, or is it a more recent ambition? Maybe you have a completed manuscript but aren't sure what comes next. Every author-to-be has countless questions and at least a few doubts. Lisa May Bennett knows exactly what it's like to turn the seemingly impossible dream of writing and publishing your first book into a reality. And now she wants to help you save valuable time and avoid common pitfalls.

In Yes, You Can Become an Author, Lisa shares tips from her own journey self-publishing her debut book. She assembles a road map that covers the main topics for self-publishing success: Laying the Foundation; Writing and Editing; Self-Publishing; and Marketing, Advertising, and Sales. Chapters include Your Author Identity, Social Media, Cover Design, Profiling and Finding Your Audience, and much more.

Yes, You Can Become an Author introduces a framework centered around taking charge of your future and developing a plan that suits your unique strengths, challenges, and priorities. Lisa believes that with a guidebook in hand, an encouraging cheerleader on your side, and the right resources, you can achieve your publishing dreams!

There's a lot to learn and so much to gain, so why not get started today?

Early praise for Yes, You Can

"I just finished reading this book and LOVE IT! It makes me want to self-publish right now! " - Leslee

"This book is exactly what I've been looking for. It provides a wealth of information and offers solutions to my questions. It helped me to recognize myself as a writer, and I personally feel that publishing a book is achievable." - Maria

"I think this book would be helpful for someone who is at the very beginning stage of their writing journey. It gives great tips and points them in the direction of finding more information." - Justine

"Everyone who is a writer can learn, prepare, and publish (if they choose) using this book. Even if they don't read the entire book, there's something for everyone." - Shannon

"This book is an excellent reference. Right from the beginning I appreciated the substantive information that one needs to obtain and consider when self-publishing." - Shuaa

"This book has so much good information about habits, social media, marketing--all the stuff that is essential to ensure your book gets into someone else's hands." - Amanda